Monday, May 3, 2010

Nic Tautiva is 2010 Elite Amateur Winner at St. Anthony's

It was 2 years in the making, to the day. I started working with Nic exactly 2 years ago. So it was a nice anniversary present for both of us when he emerged from the choppy, current filled, waters of Tampa Bay in 2nd place, then hang with the top 4 guys on the bike, then overtake the lead on the run by mile 2, then surge and leave 2nd place and reach the finish as the youngest amateur competitor to ever win St. Anthony's by 6 years.
Jerry McNeil the race announcer asked me in the wee early hours of the morning before the race started where my athletes might place in the elite amateur competition. I wasn't prepared to answer the question. Although certainly it was a topic of conversation this year between Nic and me because he needed top 3 for his pro card. But we were not necessarily looking for it at this early season race.
So my honest, unprepared answer was top 5, top 10. 5th make, 10th female.
I was very happy to see Nic hang with the front runners on the bike because I knew he could hold his own on the run, assuming he raced his own race. Nic is still maturing for the 10K distance as was witnessed in his 2 open 10Ks over the winter. Fortunately for him, that maturity process took a large step at the right time as his 10K split was only 10 secs off his open 10K PR (1.5 months ago).
This may sound cliche but his victory was a product of a lot of hard work, dedication, determination, methodical training, timed recovery and smart racing.
When I saw Nic round the corner at 4.5 miles on the run in the was an emotional moment for me. Over the years Nic and I have worked very closely together. He has become more than just my athlete, he has become a great friend.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Pre-race fun at St. Anthony's Triathlon 2010

The athletes headed to St. Petersburg for the St. Anthony's Triathlon. The accomodations were ideal, thanks to Brian Herzig of Team Herzig, and allowed the athletes to focus on the race preparations and the race itself. As you can see the focus was on some pre race fun as well.
More exciting news and updates about the race to come soon!

Ciara Poidums at Meek n Mighty at St. A's

On a chilly and windy morning, Ciara set out to compete at the Meek n Mighty triathlon down in St. Petersburg. Her competition came from all parts of the country, particularly Illinois, which boasts the powerfull Multisport Madness triathlon club. The club has some of the fastest juniors in the world.
A little apprehensive due to limited training over the last month due to various reasons, Ciara jumped in the 200m swim with hopes of just doing her best and coming out the other side healthy. The pool swim was very crowded; nonetheless she posted a great time, almost 40 secs faster than last year, and with limited swim training.
The bike was very windy, but she motored through with one of the fastest bike splits. A little discomfort found it's way in Ciara's knee early on the run, but she put her head down and finished strong, second in her age group and 3rd overall. Not necessarily what she wanted, but considering the circumstances, a great race and she brings home some hardware.
We look forward to beginning a great block of training that will prepare her for the Youth Jr National Chapionships in San Diego in August.
Get psyched!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning Pain Session

Bright and early Sunday morning, Nic Tautiva set out on 4 x 15 min of LT work and a hot brick followed. With only 2 min recovery, the sessions were challenging but Nic pushed through and finished up at 350 watts on the last interval. Great work, Nic. Now we need to work on some efficiency ; )

Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Lucky's Lake Swim for MBE
Woke up early Friday morning for my first open water swim with some of my athletes at Lucky's Lake in Orlando. We started at 6:30am, thus it was still dark and somewhat intimidating. Upon entering the water, there was a submerged alligator, about 4 feet away, and after a split second realized he wasn't real. But in my half awake state, the darkness, and with the realistic appearance, I did jump!

The approximate 500m crossings were great. The still air, the flat water, and the darkness made for a surreal experience; like swimming in a black hole (like I would know what that would be like). Then things started to get challenging as I haven't swum in about 10 weeks.

I swam with Nic Tautiva to protect him from natures wrath. Then he ventured on his own to complete the challenging workout. He descended his crossings to 6:18.3!

Another MBE athlete, Adam Gathman emerged from the darkness as we had just missed him at the start.

I'm looking forward to next week, when I get more athletes out there for some fun in the darkness amongst the gators.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Clermont Triathlon

It was a great day for MBE athletes at one of the first triathlons of the season. 5 athletes competed, 4 in the olympic distance and one in the 1500m swim.
Many collegiate athletes from around the country came down to Clermont to prep for the Collegiate National Championship on April 17th, so it made for some great competition. Maybe that's why they call it the Great Clermont.
Big Nic Tautiva who was in 2nd most of the race, put together his best olympic distance performance to date, and placed a close 3rd only 2.5 minutes down from the first place finisher, a USAT 2016 Team member.
Kevin Anderson placed 4th in his age group with a strong performance and is soon on his way to St. Croix for a big half IM event.
Tim Palyukh who was limited by a cramp in his calf and upper leg after only 10 min into the swim, perservered through the bike and run. Disappointed on the day, however not worried, Tim knows his fitness and what he is capable of and will seek to demonstrate that at St. Anthony's in a few weeks.
Ciara Hopkins conquered the chaotic two loop swim, doing the 1500m event. Results are not posted.
And finally new to the triathlon scene and the olympic distance, Natalie Kirchoff, surprised her coach with a 3rd overall finish among the woman. She posted a swim time that competed with the top male times, and on the run she beat her stand alone 10K run time by 3 minutes.
Both Nic and Natalie qualified for the Best of the US Competition in October out in Mission Viejo, California. They will represent Florida.
It was an exciting day for me, and only a taste of what is to come in the season ahead.